Your Choice of Integration Option Versa Payments makes payment integration simple, secure and straightforward. Our partner's proprietary API allows third-party developers to easily integrate their systems to our terminal application.

Integrate with the Future of Payments Benefit from robust and proven payment systems. Our integrated solutions enhance the transaction experience, adding more features and value to the payment process.

Improve Operational Capabilities

Reduce Errors and Double Billing

Simplify and Reduce PCI Scope

Integrate with Third Party Software

FULLY-SUPPORTED END To END Debit and Credit Card Processing Solutions

Integration with reporting modules and back-office systems
Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)
Compliance with PCI standards

FULL INTEGRATION Integration with ECRs, tablets, kiosks and more.

  • Simple API for POS system to call terminal, receive response
  • Secure EMV processing
  • Full P2P encryption for ultimate security

Since the POS software solution is also integrated into other back-office applications such as the merchant’s accounting system or CRM, payment integration assists the merchant in enhancing efficiency and productivity in processing payments, plus reporting and reconciliation.

SEMI-INTEGRATION Compatible with wide range of POS systems and software

  • Limits PCI scope
  • Connects directly to processor for direct card data handling
  • Eliminates on-site back office server requirements
  • Eliminates middleware gateway to save on licensing fees

Semi-integrated solutions require less development and offer a faster time to market. As with full integration, it provides faster checkout times that can improve customer satisfaction. Plus, it makes management easier as it allows merchants to perform checkout functions more smoothly and efficiently.


CLOUD INTEGRATION Perfect for cloud or tablet-based POS systems

Our online-based solution provides an effortless transaction experience, for you and your clients.

  • No complex networking requirements associated with physical integration
  • Eliminates the need for a network connection between the POS system and terminal
  • Eliminates the need for additional certifications

Cloud POS integration offers additional cost savings due to reduced complexity.

THIRD PARTY INTEGRATIONS Integrate with a variety of third party solutions to complete your POS setup.

We’ve partnered with successful and reputable third party vendors to offer a variety of integrated processing solutions.

  • Billing and invoicing
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Customer relationship management
  • Unattended cashless vending
  • Gift card and loyalty
  • Inventory management
  • Many more…

No matter what product or service you need, we can probably integrate with it.

If you’re a developer looking to grow using our best of breed technologies, view our Developer Partner Programs.


Detect and Prevent Fraud Accept payments knowing you have the highest level of card processing security available. Our security and risk management tools help you identify fraud before it happens

Accept Visa, MasterCard®, American Express, Discover, Interac and more.

Sell Internationally Our global acquiring platform enables our partners to cross borders with ease. Securely connect with our global payment network — and offer your products and services to virtually any buyer in the world.